eSports News Resources – Be Informed About eSports Events, Players and Performances!

Every newcomer in eSports and eSports betting needs to stay informed and in touch with everything that is happening in the world of professional gaming. There is a limitless amount of eSports events around the world, and of course you don’t have to read about them all. But, in terms of important events such as The International, World Championship, Blizzcon and other big ones, it is an imperative to know everything.

Fans of eSports betting in particular should have reliable and reputable news resources from where they can obtain useful information about eSports events, players, champions, performances, prize money etc. Just like with football or basketball fans who read the sports section of the newspaper every day, so do eSports fans and bettors need to wake up every morning with a cup of coffee and their favorite eSports news sites if they want to stay informed.

Popular Sources of eSports News

Many sites have sprung lately where eSports is the sole focus and eSports readers are the main audience. eSports is in its golden age, and smart people have jumped to the occasion by devoting resources and time to develop informative eSports sites where gamers can both watch live streams, read or watch live interviews with their favorite pro gamers, learn how to play professionally, read news about tournaments etc. They offer virtually anything you want to know in the world of eSports. Popular sources and live streaming services of eSports are:

Twitch is currently the biggest live streaming website where gamers can read interesting content as well. It is owned by Amazon (after a battle with Google to buy the service) and boasts with the biggest number of viewers. YouTube Gaming is a relatively new service and the biggest competition to Twitch where gamers can connect and watch live events. A collection point for all gaming content on YouTube. TeamLiquid is one of the biggest gaming websites in terms of content; it’s like the Wikipedia of gaming. ESL (Electronic Sports League) focuses on gaming leagues in Europe and PC games like World of Tanks, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, FIFA, Battlefield 3, Counter Strike, Call of Duty and other.

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eSports News at Betting Sites

If you are sports betting fan and you already use a top rated sports betting site to place sports wagers, you have probably noticed that (if available) your favorite sports betting site has introduced an eSports tab where you can bet on big eSports events. Some of those sites have devoted extra content to eSports where you can find news about large events, players and eSports teams. Such example is Pinnacle, a site whose head of the eSports department is a passionate gamer and where you can inform yourself about Dota, LoL, Starcraft, CS:GO and other games. Besides betting on the events, you can also watch live streams.

Websites like Pinnacle offer many useful articles that are not just in the form of news, but also in the form of betting previews for coming eSports events or single games, in-depth descriptions about popular pro gaming teams and their team members, how to bet on different eSports games etc.

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Are there eSports Websites that Specialize in Individual Games?

Apart from eSports websites where you can read news about every important and unimportant eSports game or event, there are some sites that offer news and resources about one or two games at max or a specific eSports genre.

Some sites even specialize in offering info about a specific region like the aforementioned Electronic Sports League or, for example, CyberGamer, an Australian-based website where players can read mostly about FPS games and news about teams predominantly from Australia.

Or, there is MLG (Major League Gaming), best fitted for North American gamers where you can catch the latest schedules, results and replays for all North American tournaments. There are countless resources to be an informed gamer and eSports better, and these are some of the more prominent ones.

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