Counter Strike: Global Offensive – The Top First-Person Shooter eSports Game

The latest installment of the classic Counter Strike series by Valve has gone insanely global and popular among eSports gamers and gamers in general. The hill this game climbed ever since it was only a mod for Half-Life was steep and today it takes a rightful place as one of the most exciting first-person shooter eSports games.

The scale of professional gaming in the world is quite high. It’s a relatively new phenomenon which has existed before as well, but not that massively as now. Throughout the year millions of gamers, game fans, eSports enthusiasts and even bettors that like to bet on eSports gather at online streaming services like Twitch, YouTube or at online betting sites like Pinnacle to watch live streaming events of professional gamers playing CS:GO or other games in tightly packed arenas surrounded by an audience.

Gameplay and Game Modes

CO:GO is a multiplayer first-person shooter game where you have to complete a certain objective. You can choose to play in the Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist team and each team has a goal to meet, which is usually complemented by eradicating each other out in the process. In most of the modes players have to wait for the round to end before they can respawn after they have died.

At the beginning of each round players have to buy their weapons. This usually happens in the initial round or after every death of your controlling character. You can earn money by killing the enemies or lose them if you kill a hostage, someone on your own team etc. Currently Global Offensive has several game modes that players can use to play online:

  • Classic Casual and Competitive – this mode consist of two sub-modes:
    • Bomb Scenario: the counter-terrorists have to defuse a bomb after the terrorists have placed on one of the designated spots.
    • Hostage Scenario: the counter-terrorists have to rescue the hostages or kill all terrorists before the round ends.
  • Arms Race – Deathmatch mode where players get rewards for each kill with a new weapon. The winner of the game is the player that gets a kill with a golden knife.
  • Demolition – players cannot purchase weapon or equipment here.


If you are going to Bet on eSports, bet on Counter-Strike Events!

It’s one of the most exciting eSports games, which makes it incredibly fit for the excitement that eSports bettors are looking for. There is plenty of suspense as the counter-terrorists rush towards the bomb sites or the hostages and try to find the terrorists and annihilate them.

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The sports betting website Pinnacle is beginning to specialize into eSports betting, and offers all major Counter Strike:GO events for betting and streaming, as well as many other smaller events like Counter Pit League, Global Offensive: Champions League, Game Show League etc. There you can also find very helpful articles on CS:GO betting.

Who Are the CS:GO Champions and How Much to the Best Earn?

As one of the biggest games in the last 15 years, the Counter Strike serial attracts prize pools that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Millions of dollars have been given away as prize money at tournaments across the world, which is a direct result of its popularity.

At the ESL One Cologne 2015 held in August over 27 million unique viewers tuned in to watch Fnatic, the best Counter Strike eSports team at the moment beating the French team EnVyUs. Fnatic has won three major Counter Strike championships so far, which makes them the best at the moment. They won $100,000 there for their first place. Interestingly, if you have enough of a budget and adeptness to betting, you can make as much by betting on the Global Offensive competitions.

This team has won many other tournaments where other games were played such as Dota 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty etc., which makes them a truly professional gaming team. The biggest prize pools at Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournaments get up to $250,000 with usually $100,000 going for the champion team. GO’s predecessor, Counter Strike: Source had prize pools that got up to half a million dollars.

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