Call of Duty – One of the Most Significant Franchises in eSports

Playing Call of Duty professionally and betting on eSports events where Call of Duty is played has reinvigorated the biggest Activision’s yearly cash cow and has turned it into a spectator eSports game. Nobody at Activision expected that the game would blow up this big where people would be playing it at the highest eSports and gaming level. Although the franchise is 12 years old, each of its releases has had significant success.

Not one release managed to alienate fans and harm sales, and the last one in the franchise titled Advanced Warfare has fulfilled every expectation. All it remains now is for gamers to enjoy the game, and bettors to enjoy their bets as tournaments unfold, while Activision prepares for the next Call of Duty edition called Black Ops III and counts the money from the previous one.

Game Basics of All Call of Duty Editions

All releases in the Call of Duty franchise are first-person shooters. The series began with the Call of Duty (1) release in 2003 and even then the game was somewhat revolutionizing in terms of game-play and graphics. The sequel Call of Duty 2 from 2006 was a massive success and is played online even to this day. Fast forward 8 releases more, and you have an incredible first-person shooter franchise favorite among both gamers and eSports bettors.

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So, just like any other first-person shooter, here to you control a soldier of your own. You can play in single-player mode where you can complete missions and the storyline of the game, or you can play LAN/online multi-player games with other players either as a team against other team or in other modes such as the Deathmatch mode etc. The first three Call of Duty releases were focused around World War II, while the later releases focus on more futuristic settings. For example, Advanced Warfare is set in the years between 2054 and 2061 where the story follows United States Marine Corps soldier called Jack Mitchell. However, Advanced Warfare does not use the traditional HUD display, but instead all info is relayed through holographic projections.

Largest Call of Duty Events

In 2016 Activision will launch the Call of Duty World League with a prize pool of more than $3 million, which will be the biggest prize pool offered at Call of Duty tournaments. For players this means bigger competitions, bigger prize pools and lots of opportunities to show their skills. Prior to that, the Call of Duty Championship was the biggest event with a prize pool of just $1 million.

The World League will feature two divisions: Pro and Challenge. In the Pro Division only the very best from all around the world will be able to compete, while the Challenge Division will be a chance for amateur gamers to earn their way towards professional gaming. This is probably the best time to get into Call of Duty either as a player or as eSports betting enthusiast. Other notable events for eSports betting where Call of Duty is played are MLG Pro League, the Gfinity competitions etc.

How Much To the Champions in Call of Duty Earn?

At the first Call of Duty Championships edition in 2013 the CoD champion was the Fariko Impact team, which won $400,000. The second-placed team Envyus won $200,000, while Optic Gaming which came in third won $120,000. The 2014 and 2015 Call of Duty Championships featured the same top prizes, only that different teams were champions. Complexity won the first-place in 2014, while Denial eSports won in 2015. The World League will surely feature much bigger prize money awards, but Activision still has to decide how much those will be. Other small tournaments feature significantly smaller prize pools.

eSports Betting – Where is Call of Duty Available for Betting?

Wherever eSports betting is supported at top online sports betting sites, you will most probably find Call of Duty events on which you can place a wager. Pinnacle offers several of the top eSports games for betting, although currently Call of Duty is not one of them. However, since Pinnacle has shown great inclination towards eSports betting with their specialized eSports page, you can expect for Call of Duty to be made available soon prior to the start of the next big events. In the meantime you can browse through their informative articles about eSports betting and how to bet properly.

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