Most Popular eSports Games – Which are the Biggest Hits in 2019?

Playing video games for living is a dream of many teenagers. What’s better than earning money by playing games? But, not all video games are used for eSports, and here you can find out about the most popular eSports games in the last year in terms of prize money offered on tournaments. On top of that, all of these are used for eSports betting. No matter how much you like GTA V, you won’t find it here because you can’t make a lot of money from playing it.

MOBA Games Rule the World

There are two games currently that you can play professionally to literally become a millionaire: DOTA 2 and League of Legends. Although DOTA 2 comes way first in terms of tournament prize money thanks to Valve (Gratz!), the popularity of League of Legends seems to rise with each day passing and currently it’s the most popular eSports game around the world.

Nevertheless, DOTA gave rise to this genre and can be considered the Godfather of MOBA games. It’s still very much popular, and probably will be as long as the Dota International Compendium is hosted with its incredible millions of dollars prize pools that increase every year, the biggest prize pools professional gamers have seen.

biggest esports games

The game was developed by the same company that created Counter-Strike after a gamer called Eul started creating the current DOTA map by modifying Warcraft III. After a while he stopped working on DOTA and other modders stepped in, among which Guinsoo, IceFrog and Pendragon who were responsible for the DOTA game that we play today. The idea and the mod were subsequently bought by Valve.

League of Legends was inspired by the success of DOTA and currently can boast with 67 million players that log in monthly and its finals have more views than an NBA finals game. The third most popular MOBA game currently is Smite. All of these are very popular among bettors that like betting on eSports.

Do People Still Play Ancient Games?

Warcraft III and Starcraft: Broodwar… people can’t seem to get enough of these two games even though they’re older than a decade. There are still plenty of tournaments where gamers compete in traditional Warcraft installments, such as Warcraft III, which was the last RTS edition before Blizzard moved on to MMO. The community of Warcraft fans that weren’t much happy with Blizzard’s MMO direction is still big and there are lots of private tournaments as well as Blizzcon events.

Broodwar is 17 years old and still alive and kicking. Incredibly there are still plenty of tournaments for Blizzard’s oldest gem. The prize money at these tournaments can get as high as $125,000, which is nice because this is a single-player game so the winner doesn’t have to split the money with other teammates. Starcraft has one of biggest and most loyal fan-bases, and is considered as sort of a religion among old gamers. Unfortunately, betting sites rarely offer these two games for eSports betting.

Blizzard, the Most Prolific eSports Gaming Company

Since Blizzard is responsible for the development of Warcraft and Starcraft, some of the best games in the world, naturally World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 have also taken the world by storm. Two single-player games that gamers can’t seem to stop playing.

World of Warcraft is a very competitive game. Only the top ranked PvP players are able to compete for money at WoW tournaments, where 1st place winnings go up to $120,000, which is like eight thousand months’ worth of game time.

starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is a massive staple across the gaming industry and probably the single-player king of eSports games. Just like in the first Starcraft and the Broodwar expansion, players can choose between three races Zerg, Terran and Protoss, only that this time there are more units and buildings to choose from. The 2015 Stacraft 2 World Series had a winning prize pool of $1.6 million dollars which if you win you don’t have to share it with anyone! A massive win!

FPS eSports Games

And lastly, where would eSports and eSports betting be if there weren’t first-person shooters too. Currently the most popular FPS games are Halo 3 and Counter-Strike. Call of Duty and Battlefield are somewhere here too, but Halo 3 and CS are at the top, although Halo’s popularity is declining because it’s played on an older console. But, there’re still tournaments around the world.

Counter-Strike on the other hand is probably the most profitable eSports game in the FPS genre. Prizes get as high as $200,000. Ever since it was originally released as a Half-Life mod in 2000, its popularity never declined and probably will remain the best FPS eSports game for a decade more.

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