Fantasy eSports – Introduction to Fantasy eSports as a New Betting Method

In August 2015 five passionate, but pro gamers to begin with, became instant millionaires after they divided between them more than $6 million dollars which they sliced from a combined Dota 2 prize pool of $18.4 million. It was the biggest ‘The International’ event and the most mind-blowing Dota 2 tournament featuring the largest payouts that gamers and eSports fans have seen. Today, eSports is so big that more and more reputable betting sites begin to offer eSports betting. Gaming is in its gold age currently, and everyone wants a piece of that cake.

However, what’s even more interesting is that betting sites begin to offer a new thing called ‘Fantasy eSports’, which can also be used for betting. Just five years ago no one would have thought that this much betting activity and interest in eSports betting could be generated from playing video games. And now, we can even bet on fantasy eSports, just like you would on fantasy sports.

What is Fantasy eSports?

Fantasy eSports works on the same principle just like regular fantasy sports. You enter a competition, build a team made up of different pro gaming players and go against other fantasy eSports opponents. For example, you can craft a roster of individual League of Legends professional gamers, which are scheduled to play on a specific day.

Fantasy eSports users earn points when these pro gamers in their roster make a kill, or an assist in a real eSports match etc., and the user that has accrued the most points thereof will win. But, every user has a predetermined and “imagined” salary cap and every time they choose a pro gamer for their roster an amount is deducted from the salary cap depending on the value placed on the pro gamer. Overall, the principle is basically the same as in fantasy sports.

There are lots of eSports tournaments daily so the opportunities for fantasy eSports betting and just eSports betting are immense. The games that pro gamers are playing and that you can bet on are usually Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike, Smite FIFA and other. Team games are mostly offered for fantasy eSports betting, but there are also individual games such as Starcraft 2, Street Fighter etc.

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Betting on Fantasy eSports Games

Betting in fantasy eSports is proving to be very attractive. For example, Baldr7, one of the most successful fantasy eSports users at one of the more reputable fantasy eSports betting sites at the moment has pulled more than $32,000 in just several months from his fantasy eSports bets. And the great thing is that you can enter a competition with prize pools as low as $25,000 and up to couple of millions for miniscule entrance fees such as $3.

The funding of your betting activity works similarly like funding your online casino account. You have to make a minimum deposit for which you can get a bonus amount to boost your bankroll. The bankroll is then used to enter different fantasy eSports competitions where you can win prize money if you win or finish in the top spots for which prizes are provided.

The difference between eSports betting and fantasy eSports betting is that in the former you bet on previously determined odds by the oddsmakers. Just like in regular sports betting, every real-life eSports team has odds of winning a certain match or tournament, so your winnings from making a bet on a team depend on how good the odds are. In fantasy eSports betting your bet is essentially the fee that you pay for the entrance to a daily fantasy event, and the money that you can win is a fixed amount deducted from a predetermined prize pool.

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Why Fantasy eSports and what are the Advantages?

Why do people play and bet on fantasy sports? Because they love sports and love to create their own teams and be successful virtual managers, but also win some money in the process. The same reason is behind fantasy eSports betting. Video game and eSports fans can make teams made up of their favorite pro gamers and win prizes for finishing in the top spots. If you love gaming, then fantasy eSports betting can be very exciting past-time activity, and at moments much better than any other kind of betting.

There is always a big eSports tournament happening somewhere in the world that you can bet on and make up your own fantasy eSports team. Usually there are up to 20+ eSports matches in a single day where pro gaming teams play best-of-3 or best-of-5 series, so there are lots of opportunities to win some prizes with your fantasy eSports team. It’s a betting heaven.

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