Starting Your eSports Career – How to Become a Pro Gamer

If you see that gaming works best for you, why not consider a career in eSports? Today’s pro gamers are well paid and travel all around the world just like athletes do. They go wherever they have to attend a tournament and play in front of an audience. They have managers, fitness instructors, masseuses, sponsors etc. You can even start your eSports career from your home as today there are online eSports tournaments that can kick-start you into the world of pro gaming and earn you some cash in the process. The opportunities are out there, you just have to build up your playing skills and keep practicing. Otherwise, you can always consider a “career” in eSports betting.

Starting as an Amateur

There are lots of opportunities for amateur gamers that want to start a career in eSports, and one of those are amateur tournaments. You can find amateur tournaments online or locally in your Internet/gaming clubs. If you are interested in playing team games such as Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Dota2, League of Legends or other, first you need to form a team. Or, you can just spread the word out there that you are a gamer looking for a team, and you just might get a chance to be recruited by some team in need of a player.

Otherwise, if you are planning on playing single-player games like Street Fighter, Hearthstone or Starcraft 2, you can start your eSports career on your own. Just look for any gaming happenings in your vicinity or in your country and start joining tournaments. You can also look for online weekly amateur tournaments hosted at gaming websites. Usually these offer some small prize money and prize pools up to $500.

going pro

Going Pro at Big eSports Tournaments

As soon as you think that you and your team need a bigger challenge than just playing against amateurs, you can start looking for bigger eSports events where the prize pools go up to thousands of dollars. You can start smaller at first with tournaments where the prize pools go up to $3,000 and make your way gradually towards the bigger ones where the prize pools get into millions like The International for Dota2. In order to take part at such large events, you may have to make your way through their smaller events that serve as qualifiers.

This is even better for your own sake because that way you can feel the pressure at a smaller scale so that you can be prepared if you manage to make it to the grand finals where the viewership is as big as the viewership of an NBA final and where the prize pools can make you and your team rich gamers. As soon as you have begun to make money out of playing games on a regular level by signing contracts with sponsors while devoting your full time and energy on developing your skills, you can consider calling yourself a pro eSports gamer.

The Most Important Requirements to Become a Pro

Determination and networking, these are the single most important requirements. Make sure to expand your network of people involved in eSports and gaming so that you can find a team of well-trained gamers or people that can get you into eSports on a more professional level. Heck, there are even universities across the world and the USA that give scholarships specifically for eSports.


If you can’t make it to the big events by playing, you can always consider volunteering. Even though more and more companies start to offer paid staff and administration positions at their tournaments, don’t miss the chance to volunteer. It’s an opportunity to see how it’s like there in person. Of course, all of this will mean sacrificing a lot of time and energy, just like any professional does in order to be successful in what he does. Accept that and aspire to be the best. When you become one of the best, you will realize that it wasn’t all in vain.

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