What is eSports betting and Where to Bet Online?

Electronic sports, or eSports popularly called, is one of the fastest growing hobbies and has even become a choice of profession for many young adults across the worlds. If you are good enough in playing eSports you are capable of earning up to several millions a year just from sponsorships and winning tournaments. eSports betting is simply betting on the teams or players that compete between each other playing computer games.

Today, eSports is one of the most competitive gaming activities in the world. The roots of eSports competitions go back to the 1990s, but they’ve become truly popular in the last decade or so. Today, they are so much popular, that even big betting websites offer eSports odds to bettors. There are even specialized websites made up solely for eSports betting and events.

What is eSports?

Simply put, eSports is a competitive gaming league that has a similar construct as any basketball, football or soccer league. There are divisions, knockout rounds, eliminations, playoffs, third-place games, finals, semi-finals… These leagues are made up of teams and franchises, and every one of them is sponsored by some big-time companies, they have coaches, managers, directors etc. The players that make up an eSports team have even fans behind them that follow them everywhere where they go to compete. eSports players are especially big in Asia, where they are even more popular than celebrity athletes. Some of the most popular and widely used computer games for eSports are:

  • Starcraft 2
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Hearthstone
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Call of Duty etc.

Counter Strike is especially big among eSports bettors. They say that up to $4 million per day is wagered on Counter Strike: Global Offensive via the black markets. There is even a black market Facebook fan page for betting on Dota 2 that has more followers than the biggest legal online betting websites.

Betting on eSports: What’s the Connection?

The estimates are that over 200 million people from around the world watch eSports events live via the Internet. For comparison, the Super Bowl is watched by only 112 million. WOOT! This shows how much of a potential eSports have to become even bigger in the near future and the critical reason why betting on eSports is going to be a bigger business than betting on some sports. People have always betted on competitions, and eSports qualifies well into this concept.

In the past betting on video game competitions when they weren’t called eSports was made using chat boxes within the game, or online chat rooms, but with the growth of eSports, betting has come out in the open. Today, YouTube is developing its own gaming platform which will be used for live streaming, where gamers can connect with other gamers and watch live streams of eSports events. Its competitor is Twitch, which was bought for nearly $1 billion by Amazon. All of this helps eSports bettors have better access to the events that they have placed a wager on and enjoy them live.

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It is estimated that the eSports betting market is a $612 million market and this fact alone was enough for betting websites where you can normally bet on standard sports to include eSports into their offer. The backbone of the eSports industry are the video game producers nevertheless, which not only come up with the competitions, but they also donate millions of dollars to leagues and teams in forms of investments and sponsors. This is very much in their interest because that way they keep more people interested in the games that they develop, so it is only natural when we see how they actually support eSports betting sites. It’s because they understand the earning potential of these sites.

How and where can I bet on eSports?

The most common place to bet on eSports are online sports betting websites where you can place a wager on football, basketball, soccer, boxing, MMA, rugby etc. These websites such as Pinnacle Sports have integrated eSports into their menus where you can see the odds, handicaps, money lines, the time when the event begins, the teams that compete and all the necessary info. At Pinnacle and other websites you can bet on CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends and Starcraft 2. This is the most common offer. There you will even find articles about the latest eSports events. Just register for an account, deposit some money in order to be able to make a real-money bet, choose the event that you want to bet, click on the team that you want to bet on and just wait for the game to finish. It’s as simple as it sounds even for noobs.

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What is eSports betting and Where to Bet Online?